Beans: we soak/activate all of our beans to enhance their nutrition profile, digestibility and absorption. For legumes, we primarily cook with organic moong lentils and organic adzuki beans as they are prized in both traditional Indian and Chinese medicine for their health benefits and their easily digested protein.
Grains: We stone grind most of our own grains in house.
For wheat, we use only ancient whole grain kamut and spelt flour; as we have found these ancient grain wheat varieties to be not only delicious but to have less gluten and be far more digestible than the common hybridized/GMO wheat used in this country.
We soak/activate our brown rice and tend to cook it longer and make it softer than is typically found, as we believe it far more digestible this way.
Oil: for cooking oil we only use organic avocado oil, organic rice bran oil and/or coconut oil. We use organic extra virgin olive oil for non-cooking oil.
  Salt & Spice and everything nice: We use only Himalayan pink salt and organic spices, many of which we grind fresh in-house. All of our food is prepared mildly spiced and mildly salted, and our sweets are mildly sweetened.
Sweetners: Our sweeteners include: Maple Syrup, Brown Rice Syrup, Agave, Turbinado Sugar, Molasses and Stevia.
  Vegetables: We change our vegetable dishes and our recipes throughout the year to adjust for the season and for what is available that is fresh, organic and/or local.