About Us


Nourish was started in the Fall 2018.  We are a registered 501(c)(3), dedicated to:

  • serving our local community, by providing an oasis of fresh, nourishing, healing food.
  • serving all of humanity, through the example of delicious, properly balanced, healthful and satisfying plant-based eating.
  • serving the tens of billions of our fellow sentient creatures with no voice who are enslaved, used and killed for food every year.

“We are creating our future selves with every bite we eat”

Health and Food

The health of our bodies, minds, and consciousness is dependent on how we nourish ourselves; be it by the food on our plates or the food for our thoughts.

Food and mindful dietary habits play an important role in helping create and maintain the proper chemical balance necessary for good health. Proper cooking makes food palatable, digestible, and assimilable. Vegetarian food cooked with healing herbs and energizing spices can eliminate many of the toxins that have entered the body through polluted food, water, air, or even noise.

“The unity of all life is demonstrated by the process of eating — in which we participate in the movement of creation in the material world.  The physical body itself is born of and lives by food.”
– David Frawley, Ayurvedic Scholar

“Food that is cooked with love, guided by knowledge of the ingredients being cooked, and served in an inspiring atmosphere becomes healing.”